We all eat poorly from time to time.  Binging on pizza, cheese, alcohol, dairy, and red meat can cause a feeling of instablilty in the stomach.  Bloating, gas, constipation are all signs that you need to give your stomach a break.  Here are some helpful food choices when battling with a stomach ache:

It is recommended you stick with “bland foods” when recovering from stomach problems.  Bland foods include bananas, chicken, rice, and soup.  Toast or crackers is a good option too because of their ability to absorb unwanted stomach acid and provide a better environment in the stomach.  Soda such as 7-up or ginger ale also have a positive effect on stomach pH levels as they tend to neutralize acids.   Also, eat these foods slowly and portion them out.  Instead of eating three big meals during the day, divide the meals into five smaller meals.

For more health and wellnes tips, visit your trusted chiropractor in Mission Viejo, CA.

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