Active Release Techniques are patented, state of the art treatment systems designed to break down scar tissue that has developed in injured or over-used muscles.  There are a small percentage of chiropractors trained in this technique, but it is not really a chiropractic type of treatment by traditional standards.  However, it works perfectly as an adjunct to traditional chiropractic adjustments.  The reason for this is that while chiropractic focuses on keeping the spine mobile and healthy, Active Release Techniques works to treat the soft tissue not only around the spine, but in any joint of the body.

ART is gaining popularity around the world, especially in professional and semi-professional sports organizations.  Nearly every NFL, MLB, and NHL team in the United States has a contracted ART provider on staff.  Many european soccer team trainers are also being trained in ART protocols.  AC Milan, Manchester United, and Leeds are just a few examples.

If you have a condition that is caused by overuse (headaches caused by tight postural muscles in the neck), repetitive strain (carpal tunnel syndrome caused by clicking mouse over and over), or acute injury (muscle strain/ligament sprain), make sure to see your local ART provider.  If you are in the Orange County, CA area, visit this Mission Viejo Chiropractor.  Call 949-370-5413 for an appointment.

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