Dr Eric Liss became a chiropractor after a surfing accident in Costa Rica left him bed ridden for 10 days.

“I was devastated when I hurt my back.  I had never had that type of pain before and it was scary to me.  I knew I had to take some kind of action.  I needed to figure out why my back reacted like that.  So I visited a local chiropractor when I got back to the U.S.  After four chiropractic adjustments, I felt more balanced on my feet.  Something was different and I felt better.”

“I continued to get regular chiropractic adjustments for the rest of that year, and then decided that I had stumbled upon my career choice.  I moved to Los Angeles and began chiropractic school, and the rest is history.”

Equally as significant was Dr Liss’s discovery of a soft tissue treatment called Active Release Technique.

“Looking back into my past, I realize now that I was introduced to Active Release Techniques back in college 12 years ago.  I had surgery on my wrist after a snowboarding accident, and was told I would never play hockey or golf again.  I was referred by my surgeon to a top physical therapist in the area.  This therapist was one of only a few providers certified in Active Release.  After going through a series of ART treatments on my wrist, I am proud to say I still play hockey three times a week.”

This is why I have chosen to take the time and vigorous training to become an ART provider.  As a chiropractor I know how powerful the chiropractic adjustment can be.  BUT I also know that when you combine that with great soft tissue (muscle) work like ART, you get extraordinary results.

Dr Liss is an avid guitar player, hockey player, surfer, and loves staying active and eating healthy.

“I feel like chiropractic is the perfect for my personality and my lifestyle.  I am interested in staying healthy and active as long as I can.  I also enjoy using my hands, whether it’s creating music or creating a pain free body.  I feel I have a gift when it comes to hands on treatment and I feel rewarded when I can give the gift of health to someone who needs it.”

In every chiropractic technique there is an art, a philosophy, and a science.  This is what makes every individual chiropractor unique, it is rare to find two chiropractors in the same town who practice the exact same way.

Dr Liss is a certified Active Release Technique provider and one of only a handful in orange county.  ART has become internationally known as the gold standard in soft tissue treatment and is being used by professional athletes all over the world to get rid of their chronic pain.



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